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1. Is Prank Masters a free or commercial game?
Prank Masters is going to be a commercial game. The full version is going to be $14.99. If you pre-order now, you can get the exclusive wallpaper and original soundtrack for free! Pre-order Prank Masters here!

2. When will the full version be released?
We're aiming for Prank Masters to be released in 2017.

3. Is Prank Masters going to be on Steam?
We're still unsure whether to have Prank Masters on Steam, but we're definitely thinking about it. We'll let you know what our final decision is after Prank Masters is completed.

4. If I buy the beta version, will I also get the full version of Prank Masters when it's done?
Yes, when you purchase the beta version, you will also get access to the full version as well.

5. Can I draw fan art of the characters?
Of course you can! We'll love to see your work when you're done!